Monday, October 31, 2011

meet jar.

In the spirit of my old PTA position, I’m going to be trying out a new format for this blog... here goes! :P

OLD Business:

Having had a craft blog for awhile now and responding to personal comments via emails (as much as I can!! I’m certainly not winning a prizes for that any day soon! ) I'd like to keep my comment Reponses on my comments stream. What's this mean you ask... if you don't receive an email response back to your comment that you've left... I'm NOT ignoring you, but most likely responded right back here! :)

I will also be filling up my pages with complete life sucking information just for your bennifit (and mine, let's keep it real!  this is my journal!!  hahaha ), such as my current reads and recipes that have actually turned out! Never feel uncomfrontable at the thought of sharing any good tips on both accounts!... I will not hate you for it.  I will actaully like you even more.  True.

NEW Business:

This is Jar.

Jar currently has saintly status in my house.

Go back a week ago and to my other blog... and you'll understand why. But suffice it to say, Jar has come to my house in an attempt to right all the wrongs that have currently been transpiring.

Case in point... I have banned all canned goods from my house. Yes, I am this crazy ( not danger crazy mind you, those folks should not be let out of their own fantasy induced lives that cause distress & hurt on others ), but crazy enough to strike against certain said "ideologies" like the use of canned goods. Hence, jar. Jar will now soak all my beans. Beans, that I fully expect to make into excellent authentic Mexican refried beans.

No... I cannot cook. In fact I’m quite awful at it, but my youngest ( having autism ) is an incredibly picky eater and "needs" to have plain refried beans everyday ( calling it his Taco Bell )... so, I will just have to suck it up and make it happen. Today I will attempt my first batch... wish me luck kids! Lord knows I’m going to need it! LOL

I'd love to hear from you all on my current battle against the "canned foods"!! GGggrRR!!!  I'm pretty sure all tips could be good at this point!  LOL

X, h

Saturday, October 29, 2011

she's a what???....


Housewife… interesting title right!??  Some folk think it means;
A woman who stays home to take care of the house, the kids, the husband and the pets. She works up a sweat, has anxiety attacks and burst into tears when a 2 year old says "no!" for the 100th time that day after having to picking up dog poop from the living room floor, washing 3 loads of laundry, washed all the dishes, went grocery shopping with 2 screaming kids, who get sick and throw up in the middle of the store. Then she comes home ,cleans up the kids, starts to make dinner with both kids hanging on her leg, only to have it burn. She receives no thanks from anyone and gets no paycheck.

I have no life...I am a housewife.


What a woman becomes when she has no job skills, no career aspirations, no confidence and no goals in life.

Becoming a housewife has got to be the most mind-numbing waste of time in this world. There's nothing wrong with being one if they have another job or calling on the side, but to do it and nothing else means you are in need of serious help.


An uneducated woman with no self-esteem and no life who thinks she has to devote herself to rearing children, her husband, the home and the pets.

A housewife is what a woman becomes when she has no goals in life.

Yeah… I call bull shit!  I’m a housewife and I’m fabulous!  This is my new blog.  Some folk may say a great many things about being a housewife, but I say… They have clearly not spent one day in one of my many adventures!  Adventures that kinda kick ass...  ;)

Cheers to all the housewives!!  This blog is to us! 


Sunday, October 16, 2011

why another blog??...

Good question, really.  I guess I wanted to have another outlet where folks weren't looking for crafts from me.  That's certainly not a bad thing, but I am more than my just my crafts and as I examine the world in which I live, I thought... yeah, I should probably keep track of this!

We'll see how it goes!

X, h