Sunday, October 16, 2011

why another blog??...

Good question, really.  I guess I wanted to have another outlet where folks weren't looking for crafts from me.  That's certainly not a bad thing, but I am more than my just my crafts and as I examine the world in which I live, I thought... yeah, I should probably keep track of this!

We'll see how it goes!

X, h


  1. Sure. Just until you get your own reality tv show, of course.

  2. Good luck with the new blog. I have several blogs, because I have several interest, family, film, fabric, food, books.

  3. I came to your blog for the crafts during Blockapalooza, but I stayed for the great writing and the humor. You are probably too young to remember Erma Bombeck, but I think you are channeling her. If you aren't familiar with her writing, you should Google her.
    Anyway, I'm in! (Seriously, you had me at "Me and Bobby McGee.")

  4. ha! thanks so much girls for the comment love!!!

  5. i found myself with brand new camera in hand from xmas thinking isn't this how one person on the web ended up a quilter with film in the fridge? it is probably still in the fridge! i think you are hilarious and if you can manage two of them then go for it! i cannot keep up with one. i think the last post might have been in the summer? ha! maybe i should just start over!


how fun is this chatting thing...??? UUUummm... SUPER! ;)