Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do NOT Panic!

but... OOhhhh... holey SHIT! my beans so completely came out! If you could imagine me and the boy toy dancing in a circle with glasses of Merlot in our hands... it was quite the celebration! Will my son eat them... hell no! but we will so kick major cool ass at the next party we're invited too! YES!!!

beep breath.... okay, we also slayed hummus!!! OOOoohh... yeah we did!! can you say, "eat THIS canned food"!!!

yeah... i guess you could say, we're on cloud 9! OOOhh.... and i was super excited to learn that apparently, i like baby humor??? who knew... not this girl!  but, when something just feels right... you learn to go with it!  :)

eh... i'm only human right... totally reasonable thing to dig!
x, Heather


  1. I thought I was 'above' baby humor until I had twins. TOTALLY made them copy and paste shirts and Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween one year. Please share the recipe for the beans, if you can.

  2. Hey Sherry! Classic business about the costumes! if only i had twins for Halloween only! LOL

    and both recipes are linked! :) Enjoy!!

  3. LOL ... love the twinner humor ... my daughter, (the sainted mother of five sons), has, as they wanted to be known this halloween, 6-yr-old *twin devils,* which is not too far from the truth some days ... i have to add that i thought the twinner humor was your way of publicly making *the announcement: *i'm having twins* ... i really laughed then ....

    like your new blog; it's real!

  4. Look at you cooking and all! I think my son has similar eating issues:( He can taste the difference between brands. But then again he only has about 20 food items that he'll eat anyways...sigh.


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