Tuesday, November 1, 2011

just sayin'...

In the land of Heather… my new blog is a bit like a chameleon of sorts.  It’s constantly changing its look, I know one of them will stick and then that will just simply be “it”.  But until then… if you’re reading this… I’m afraid you may be stuck with me screwing with it until I find that magic spot! LOL I actually do kinda feel bad about that, but clearly not enough to change my behavior.  Typical me.
But, check it out… I’m driving yesterday picking up the Grandma for my Halloween Ho Down I throw and it occurs to me that I may have about 100 random thoughts a day via my world in which I live that I ponder.  My guess is many other Housewives may also have this ability… Call it Multi-tasking-Dreaming in your head/ super speed like sickness??? Hell, I dunno??? It’s almost like a pyramid of thought processing of bullshit, at the speed of which light travels, to conclude the ending THAT must be real truth!  But, let’s take an example from yesterday to test my theory… shall we???
Here’s the scene:  I’m driving with the Grandma and my boys in my Silver Bullet ( my new lame ass van, since the Mercedes was totaled… and yes, I do think my husband might be punishing me for that boo-boo?? )  And low and behold a reasonably fit man (and by reasonable… I mean broad shoulders, trim waist, good gear, ECT… you get the picture! ) on a super nice motorcycle merges in front of me.
My thought ( automatically ):  Hugh, he’s probably hot.  WWhhhaattt… Wait a minute… is he, really???...
The then Pondering of said thought starts:  Could I be the only one who assumes in this situation that he has to be a hottie???  Maybe I am, but I doubt it! 
and thus, The conclusion to my thought:  It must be those damn helmets; they cover up any misleading ugly.  In fact, I would go as far as to suggest kindly to a mildly (non-attractive in the face) guy… that he should immediately stop what he is doing and go by a motorcycle with a mystery inducing helmet.  Thus, giving him instant hot street cred with the lady folk.  Cause in all actuality… you’re really only seeing the assumption of the personality that this individual must behold: Badass – The True American Male.
At this… I turned a right on to my street and began thinking of that Pinterest recipe, I was about to attempt and the motorcycle guy was easily dumped from my thought train.  Until I see another one.

Is it just me…??
X, H


  1. You're funny :) I am constantly having hypothetical internal dialogue with myself, and once in a while I'll catch myself saying something out loud. Like answering a question I was asking myself in my head or something, then I hear my oldest walk by and ask "who are you talking to, mom??" ..... lol :)

  2. You crack me up! I always assume that bikers are super-hot too. I think there is a similar phenomenon that occurs with sunglasses. Hot with them on take them off not so much. *Excellent playlist BTW.

  3. LOL!!! Caitlin... i swear, i think, " oh crap, i hope that didn't just come out of my mouth!"

    and i HEAR you Marci!! Makes me think of that eighties song...

    i wear my sunglasses at night so i can, so i can...

    and i think... trick girls with fake hotness??? :P

  4. It's not just you .. I think it's the mystery and my curious nature that makes me just "have" to find out what's under that helmet ... and since I can't see I make it up ;-)

  5. I have these extended internal conversations with myself all the time. Most often they occur while I'm in the shower, which leads to forgetting if I've actually washed my hair or not and, more often than I'd care to admit, shaving only one leg.

  6. that's too good Kwilt! i write imaginary blog post in the shower!!! :P

  7. Yep - constant inner dialogue - I'm right there with you...

  8. While I was reading this I was thinking about what I was going to wear, looking out the front window swearing the birds were waiting for me to fill the feeder, thinking about the song on your blog and it reminded me of years ago and then.... yes, while READING your blog. So I suffer from multi-personality I mean multi-tasking disorder as well! I say suffer because as I get older it gets worse! I have to force myself to watch the road.....


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